New Website Launched for

Brauner Safety Services is pleased to announce a new and improved website that has just launched this week. As most readers are already aware, Brauner Safety Services offers both Roofing Safety and CERTA training, and now you can access all of the training information you need in one complete website.  By visiting, you will open the door to one website that includes a list of all of the current roofing and construction safety training programs available.  While we’ve changed our look, we are still offering the professional and personal service that clients have come to know and appreciate from Jim Brauner and Brauner Safety Services.

In order to make it easier to navigate, pages have been condensed to focus on the most popular programs and address the most frequently asked questions.  More stories from the field and industry news will be shared on our social networks, which are now easily accessible through the FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter icons on bottom of every page on

Looking for our Blog?  Now, you can simply access it from the main menu; you will be redirected to our regular blog from there. To stay “in-the-know” and receive the latest updates, we encourage you to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and FaceBook.  Not on social media?  No problem – You can also subscribe to our quarterly e-newsletter to receive a summary of updates directly to your “Inbox”.

Stay tuned – We may be adding new features in the coming months, as programs and our latest website continues to develop.

To learn more about roofing safety training and programs, visit Brauner Safety Services.  To schedule your next safety training, contact Jim Brauner: 407-403-3959.


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