Options for Skylight Protection Now Available

Did you know that Brauner Safety Services offers skylight protection? In partnership with Safety Rail Company, you can now choose from several options for protecting your skylights.

Why do you need skylight protection?

According to the CDC, fatal falls and serious injuries may result from inadequate guarding and fall protection for work around skylights and roof and floor openings.

Additionally, based on OSHA’s guidelines, 29 CFR 1910.23(a)(4), it requires that skylights in the roof of buildings through which persons may fall while walking or working shall be guarded by a standard skylight screen or a fixed standard railing on all exposed sides.

Beyond regulations and laws, the bottom line is that you want to keep your workers and crews safe on the job.

The most dangerous skylight on a building is quite common and easily recognizable – the translucent skylight. This skylight is flush with the metal panel. It can often be difficult to see, especially if the entire roof has been painted and/or coated over. If a crew member were to unknowingly walk on top of this skylight (which frequently happens in the U.S.), it will shatter, and the person walking over it will likely fall through to the floor.

During the pre-job inspection of the roof area, contractors have an opportunity to offer this protective metal screen to customers so that they limit liability and decrease potential dangers to those who may be working or performing maintenance on their roof. The screen is clearly visible and eliminates accidents; if someone is distracted or simply not paying attention, they can still easily walk across the skylight when the appropriate guard (SRC Skylight Guard) is in place.

So, what are the options for skylight protection?  Here is a summary and corresponding product sheets for the skylight fall protection options that are currently available through Brauner Safety Services:

  1. SRC SKYLIGHT GUARD – The SRC Skylight Guard is an OSHA compliant fall protection screen guard for skylights. The screens simply sit on the roof over the entire skylight without any mechanical penetrations. Heavy-duty construction prevents contact with skylight lens in the event of a fall. Installation takes 15 minutes.
  2. SRC SKYLIGHT SCREENS – The SRC Skylight Screen is an OSHA compliant fall protection screen. The screens compression-fit to the aluminum frame of the skylight without any mechanical penetrations. Heavy-duty construction prevents contact with skylight lens in the event of a fall. Installation takes 15 minutes.
  3. SRC SKYVIEW BARRIER – The SRC Skyview Barrier is a 42” tall OSHA compliant fall protection guard for skylights. This freestanding railing barrier sits on the roof without any mechanical penetrations. Installation takes 10 minutes with this one-piece design.

To learn more about skylight protection and the product that is best suited for your job site or roof, contact Brauner Safety Services.

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