Preparing for Safe + Sound Week 2022

OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week is right around the corner and scheduled to take place from August 15th through 21st of this year.  Don’t know about OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week yet?  No problem, we are here to help you plan and join this year-round campaign that encourages every workplace to have a safety and health program.

As published on OSHA’s website, “Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event held each August that recognizes the successes of workplace health and safety programs and offers information and ideas on how to keep America’s workers safe.”

The reason to participate in the event is simple… You and your team will be joining thousands of businesses to raise awareness of workers’ health and safety, along with demonstrating your own commitment to a safe workplace (on and off the job site).

As most contractors are already aware, success on the job is directly related to having a strong and reliable safety program.  A proper safety and health program enables teams to proactively identify and manage workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness. Whether you have an existing safety program or are looking to start something new, participating in Safe + Sound Week can help jumpstart or improve your program, as well as provide the opportunity to recognize the successes of your current safety efforts.

Participating in Safe + Sound Week has never been easier; in just three steps, you can demonstrate your commitment to safety.

Step #1: Sign up to Participate – OSHA provides an interactive map where you can register your company event, as well as view events and companies that are registered in your area.

Step #2: Plan and Promote – Getting the word out about your participation is essential; it’s simple – if you don’t share and promote your participation in the event, your customers and followers will not know about it. You will want to identify the activities that you plan to promote; OSHA provides helpful examples of activities, social media kits and graphics, along with useful resources to share with your team.

Step #3: Recognize Your Participation – At the end of the week, you should return to OSHA’s event website to download your company’s certificate of recognition and virtual challenge coin.

To learn more about Safe + Sound Week, register your company, and begin planning your participation, visit OSHA’s event webpage here.  To take the next steps in strengthening your company’s safety program and training, contact Brauner Safety Services.

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