Product Spotlight: New Additions from Sievert

If you already on Brauner Safety’s email list, then you are probably aware of the latest Sievert tools that have been added to the Brauner Safety Services products list. To provide you with more detail and information about each of the latest offerings from Sievert, here is a quick list and links to help you stay informed and make a decision on the products that are right for you and your team:

Sievert – EBK-1 & EBK-2 Granule Embedders

Embedding granules on a granular modified bitumen membrane is becoming more of a requirement in the industry.  For this reason, Brauner Safety Services is pleased to now offer Sievert’s new EBK-1 and EBK-2 bedding tools. What’s the difference between the two?  To put it simply, the EBK-1 is Sievert’s detail kit which is recommended for hard-to-reach places, while the EBK-2 is the stand-up kit which is better for longer lap runs. Both kits come with a fully adjustable and removable embedding tool with handle attachment; this feature provides the roofer with 2 torch tools in 1. Product features include:

  • Fully adjustable and removable bedding tool and handle
  • Quality steel construction
  • Large steel roller for excellent coverage and even penetration of granules
  • Options include as a kit or individually

Sievert – PROMATIC PNS 4, RKH-4S & URK 4

The PNS-4 Hot Air Self-Adhered Kit works well for repair and small heating jobs – particularly details or heating self-adhered membranes without an open flame.

The RKH-4S is a propane powered Hot-Air Welder that is less expensive and more convenient than electric versions. It is considered to be the best option for SAFE and FAST repairs of membranes – No open flame!

The URK-4 is the most convenient repair kit available for repairing modified bitumen and roofs. The kit contains one handle and two burners, providing repair crews the ultimate in flexibility.

Roofer’s Delight – Sievert’s “Go-To” Torches for Roofers – As seen in Brauner Safety’s product feature emails, the Roofer’s Delight lineup offers several torch options, each with their unique benefits and features.  Kit options include:

  • Sievert Turboroofer Field Torch Kit PS2960
  • Sievert Turboroofer Detail Torch Kit DS2944
  • Sievert Turboroofer Combination Torch Kit CS4460
  • Sievert Turboroofer Detail Torch Kit DS2945

For more information on each of the kits in “Roofer’s Delight”, click here.

To learn more about this and other roofing safety products and services, contact Brauner Safety Services.

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