Beat the Price Increase for the Steinel Mobile Heat 5 Roofing Kit

Across the roofing industry (and really every industry) inflation is driving price increases that are simply unavoidable. The cost of materials, gas, and supplies has skyrocketed to record levels, and at this point, the pattern appears to be holding steady.

When it comes to safety products from Brauner Safety Services, the team works to keep costs down, while still providing the high level of quality that customers have come to expect from the company.  For this reason, when costs that are beyond our control increase, Brauner Safety provides opportunities for clients to take advantage of lower product pricing before the next increase takes hold.

One of Brauner’s products that is currently in greatest demand is the Steinel Mobile Heat 5 Roofing Kit, and as of June 10th, the price will increase by 10 percent.  For this reason, you are invited and encouraged to save on expenses by purchasing the Steinel Mobile Heat 5 Roofing Kit at its currently low and competitive price.

The Steinel Kit includes everything you need – It is the leading industrial cordless, battery-operated heat tool designed specifically for professional in-field maintenance work and repair applications, with no generator needed. The MH5 has a temperature range of 120 – 930°F with an airflow rate up to 10.5 cfm. It provides great efficiency, and it is the perfect size for targeting hard-to-reach spaces, making repairs easy.

The tool offers flexible setting options and is ready to use in just a few seconds.  Product features include:

  • MH 5 Battery Powered Heat Tool
  • Adapter Nozzle
  • 40 mm Flathead Slit Nozzle
  • Two, 8 AH Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Case

To learn more about this and other roofing safety products and services, or to purchase your own Steinel Mobile Heat 5 Roofing Kit at its lowest price before the increase on June 10th, contact Brauner Safety Services.

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