3 Ways to Improve Safety in 2022

So, the last couple of years have offered little assurances when it comes to safety, specifically the health of employees.  That being stated, much of the industry made historical and impressive shifts in their operations to protect their workers, team members and clients.  From masking up and job site cleaning stations to rapid COVID-19 testing, vaccines and social distancing, the roofing and construction industries continued to march on.

These changes have not been without challenges.  In addition to improving and tightening general health safety practices, the industry has also faced major setbacks with the supply chain, requiring business owners to push back projects and work with suppliers and clients to set new, realistic, and sometimes lengthy timelines for project completion.

Amidst all of the changes, there is one thing that has and continues to remain a top priority for all construction business owners – Safety.  No matter the instabilities in supply availability or modifications in coronavirus safety procedures, safety on the job must always be at the forefront of any business.  After all, roofing and construction are considered the most high-risk industries in the nation, and safety policies and procedures must be solid and consistent despite the many challenges that have been presented over the year. 

For this reason, we are going to make it easy for you by providing a quick refresher for staying safe and prepared in 2022.  Here are three ways to keep your crews and businesses safe in the coming year:

  1. Offer Education – There is simply no substitute for proper and regular safety training.  A safe employee is a successful employee, and to maintain knowledge and skills on the job, regular training is essential. While some training and review of policies can be performed in-house, many job-specific trainings and certifications will require you to bring in a third-party professional like Brauner Safety Services.  From CERTA training and certification to OSHA and equipment training, Brauner Safety’s programs are proven and tailored to meet the needs of your crews.
  2. Upgrade Equipment – In addition to proper maintenance, roofing and construction equipment should be repaired and/or upgraded when necessary. The new year is a great time to review the condition of your equipment and take inventory to determine where upgrades or additional equipment will benefit your operations.  When it comes to safety, there are multiple fall protection systems and tools that are available for improving safety on the job.  Brauner Safety Services offers both the latest equipment and training to keep crews safe and successful on every job.
  3. Secure Safety Management – While safety policies and procedures are vital to a successful operation, the rules and practices are only as good as they are applied and used on the job.  For this reason, having a safety manager in place is necessary to maintain and track your safety program.  While this can be quite costly to have in-house, bringing in a specialist or consultant can be effective, and save time and money. For example, Brauner Safety Services assumes responsibility for establishing, implementing, and maintaining your safety program, from initial development to integration into your daily operations. Brauner Safety can provide you with a comprehensive program to train and certify all crew members, supply all administrative components, and teach an existing employee to fill the Safety Manager’s role at a fraction of the cost, all while ensuring compliance.

To learn more about steps you can take to ensure safety for your crews and team members, or to book a training session at your workplace or job site, contact Brauner Safety Services today!

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