Brauner Safety is More than Training

While Brauner Safety Services is well-known for its quality roofing, construction and safety training programs, did you know that it also serves as a leading provider of roofing and safety equipment?  It’s true.  Brauner Safety Services has actually been in the business of roofing equipment for more than 40 years, and with every year, Brauner Safety provides roofing and construction professionals the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

Now for a little history… Jim Brauner (founder and President of Brauner Safety Services) started in the roofing sales business in 1979, working with his brother at Brauner Equipment Company in Virginia. In 1997, Jim moved to Florida where he took a position at Phoenix Sales and began to expand his knowledge and network within the roofing industry. Over the years, Jim Brauner has developed and led hundreds of safety training programs, educating thousands of roofing professionals to be safer and more effective on the job site.  Additionally, he has developed strong and long-term relationships with some of the best brands and companies in the business.   

From FallBan and Safety Rail Company to RoofMaster and Sievert, Brauner Safety Services offers the best of the best in roofing and safety equipment to help keep crews safe and productive on every job site.  Just check out the latest list of Brauner’s brands here.

Many of Brauner Safety’s products and services can be found on both the Brauner Safety Services and CERTA Training websites. For those who attended the FRSA Convention and Expo in Orlando last week, you may have met up with Jim in one of his educational sessions or on the tradeshow floor.  If so, then you had a chance to get in on orders that are now being taken for the Steinel Mobile Heat 5 Roofing Kit, and any of the other in-demand tools and equipment that were on display and available for demonstration and ordering.

Brauner Safety Services offers a full line of roofing safety tools and accessories and is always available to provide guidance to help you make the right decision on the equipment that will best suit your needs and crews.  To learn more about consulting services, training and equipment available to keep you and your team at the top of their game, contact Brauner Safety Services for more information.

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