Making Safety a Priority in 2021

There is no denying that 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year.  From the struggles businesses and families have faced directly as a result of COVID-19 to the complete altering of how we work, live, and communicate, the only consistent thing throughout the year has been change.  And if there is anything that we can learn as business owners and contractors it is to expect, and be prepared for, the unexpected.

Although there is no way to be completely prepared for every possible event (certainly not a global pandemic), there is a way to lessen the impact of risks associated with your day-to-day operations, both on and off the job site.  As once stated by Dwight Eisenhower, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Taking this statement into account, we know that plans often don’t go “according to plan”, and for this reason is it important to plan ahead.  In contrast to plans, the act of planning forces us to stop and take time to carefully develop and discuss actions that will be taken in any given scenario.  The perfect example of this is your safety policies and procedures.  The planning that is in place for what may occur on the job site is exactly what enables your crews to be aware of potential hazards and to know what preventative measures and equipment to use to mitigate said hazards.

Think about this… According to OSHA approximately 20 percent (1,061) of worker fatalities in private industry during calendar year 2019 were in construction; this accounts for one in five worker deaths for the year.  Looking at the figures further, out of those fatalities more than half (58.6%) were caused by the “Fatal Four”: Falls (33.5% of construction worker deaths); Struck by object (11.1% of construction worker deaths); electrocutions (8.5% of construction worker deaths); and caught in/between (5.5% of construction worker deaths).  All of these hazards can be prevented with proper safety training and use of safety equipment.

Additionally, safety training provides a multitude of benefits that go far beyond basic health and injury prevention.  As highlighted in a previous post, “5 Reasons to Invest in Safety Training”, safety training is an investment that pays back in innumerable ways. It is not only an investment to ensure that your next construction project is a success, but it is also an investment in the success and security of your team members and crews. There is a direct correlation between a contractor’s training programs and its growth, competitiveness, financial stability, and safety record.  A strong and regularly maintained safety program is a solid investment in the success of your business for several reasons:

  1. Reduce Risk – Safety training prepares employees for the unexpected and encourages them to be proactive in identifying risks on the job; additionally, it sharpens their skills and knowledge base, empowering them to make clear decisions and take measures to reduce risk while under pressure and on the spot.
  2. Avoid OSHA Fines – OSHA violations are costly on many levels, including increased risk for injuries and serious damage to a company’s reputation. By securing OSHA training such as OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 by Brauner Safety Services, you can rest assured knowing that your crews are trained in the proper measures to stay safe and compliant with OSHA’s standards.
  3. Build Company Trust – When you provide safety training to your teams and crews, they know that the company is making their safety and well-being a top priority. Proper training increases employee satisfaction, motivation and morale, which builds trust and loyalty between both the employer and employee.
  4. Build Trust with Clients – When you inform your clients that your crews are trained to handle any situation on the job site and are following appropriate safety measures, you provide them with a sense of relief that those working in and around their property will complete the project safely and effectively.
  5. Reduce Costs and Liability – Proper and regular safety training programs reduce accidents and protect employees from injuries on the job.

The truth is that any time is a good time to begin strengthening your safety training program, but with the new year comes new opportunity – So, now is the time to not get wrapped up in “plans” for 2021; rather begin “planning” your proactive safety program so you can be ready for anything the new year will bring.

To learn about how Brauner Safety Services can provide assessments and custom safety training programs to ensure that you and your crews are properly equipped and prepared for all conditions on the job, contact Brauner Safety Services.

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