On the Importance of Driver Safety Training

When we think of safety in the roofing and construction industry, most often we immediately think of job-specific training such as CERTA, Fall Protection and OSHA, but there are other areas of the job that can easily be overlooked such as transportation to and from the job site.  With car accidents being responsible for more than 40,000 deaths in the United States and 2.7 million emergency department visits each year (source: Public Health Foundation), driver safety training is certainly an essential for your crews and team members.

In addition to impacting the health and lives of your crews, motor vehicle accidents pose a major liability to the company, as employers often pay significant costs associated with them. When employees are involved in traffic incidents, companies are exposed to liability risks and legal expenses, along with lost hours, increased insurance and worker’s comp rates and an overall decrease in productivity.

For this reason, Brauner Safety Services now offers Safe Driving/Defensive Driving classes.  Implementing a driver safety program, will help your organization keep employees safer and can potentially:

  • Minimize exposure to liability risks associated with motor vehicle accidents and legal expenses
  • Reduce insurance premiums and workers’ compensation claims
  • Decrease risk of injury and death caused by motor vehicle collisions and traffic violations
  • Lower vehicle repair, maintenance, and replacement expenses
  • Protect business operations and reputation

Beyond the obvious benefits to your company, safe driving training strengthens employees’ awareness and enables them to apply safe driving strategies to identify and avoid hazards on the road.  Such strategies extend well beyond the basics of driving and instruction on traffic laws and procedures.

Safe Driving/Defensive Driving classes by Brauner Safety Services provide an opportunity for crew members to improve their driving skills, reduce risks by anticipating situations, and make safe and educated decisions when transporting other crew members and materials to and from the job.  Even better, employees will know that you care about and take their safety seriously, both on and off the job.

To learn more about how you can strengthen your team with Safe Driving/Defensive Driving classes by Brauner Safety Services, contact Jim Brauner at (407) 403-3959 or visit http://www.braunersafety.com.

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