Prepare Your Team with COVID-19 Safety Training

person holding covid sign

At Brauner Safety Services, safety on the job is top priority.  With decades of experience in the roofing industry, many longtime clients know Jim Brauner for his construction and roofing specific training, such as CERTA Training, Fall Protection and OSHA 10 + 30.  What you may not know is that Brauner Safety Services also offers safety training that goes beyond the roof and construction site.  From roofing safety equipment and fleet management to CPR/First Aid and now COVID-19 Safety, Brauner Safety Services comprehensively covers safety needs from all angles of your business.

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Brauner Safety Services launched a customized COVID-19 Construction Worker Safety program.  The program is available in both English and Spanish and is provided in a webinar format for contactless instruction.

The program includes a 2-hour webinar and training that has been designed in accordance with OSHA standards; upon completion of the class, students will receive a COVID-19 Safety Training Certification and all of the appropriate compliance documents.

The program is offered to groups of up to 40 workers and includes immediate access and downloading capability for the following documents (in English and Spanish) that can be easily integrated into daily business operations:

  1.  COVID-19 Policy Statement
  2.  COVID-19 Safety Manual Addendum
  3.  COVID-19 Site Specific Safety Plan Addendum
  4.  COVID-19 Tool Box Talk
  5.  COVID-19 Daily Checklist

English language classes are regularly scheduled on Friday at 7:00 AM. Once registered, students will receive a confirmation email with a link to gain access to the next regularly scheduled class.  Should a student need to reschedule, he/she can simply follow the instructions in the confirmation email to reschedule and reserve a time slot that is better suited to his/her schedule.

With affordable pricing and packages as low as $499 for up to 40 people, scheduling a COVID-19 Safety Training class is both the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your team is properly prepared for the job site during the uncertain times posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

For more information and to register your team and crews today, please contact Jim Brauner.  To learn more about OSHA, CERTA and other roofing safety training, visit

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