Mark Your Calendars (and Register): CERTA Training – October 18, 2019

Brauner Safety Services will be offering the NRCA Certified Roofing Torch Applicator Training Program in just a few short weeks (October 18, 2019) in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Open to roofing contractors and their crew members, CERTA Training for roofers lowers risk and liability for roofing contractors, assures compliance with insurance underwriting guidelines and reduces exposure of personal and corporate assets.

The training that is being held in partnership with SOPREMA on October 18, 2019 will include NRCA Certification, training support, as well as breakfast and lunch.  The training session will be held at SOPREMA Pompano Beach Building (2900 Center Point Circle, Pompano Beach, FL) and will run from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

CERTA Training is a vital part of the educational programming and certifications that roofers need to be successful on the job site.   The full-day program trains experienced roof system installers on the safe use of roofing torches used to apply polymer-modified bitumen roofing products. CERTA training demonstrates and teaches how proper roof system configuration design and application techniques can result in fire-safe installations.

From a liability perspective, the reduction in severity and frequency of torch claims is significant.  A severe torch claim can negatively impact and even put a roofing professional out of business for a wide range of reasons including but not limited to:
1.  Inadequate insurance limits to protect the roofing contractor’s balance sheet.
2.  Potential exposure for future garnished earnings if the roofing contractor’s insurance is not adequate to make the building owner whole.
3.  A severe torch claim that has significant property damage for a key building owner/client could cause the reoccurring revenue for the client to discontinue due to poor public relations and loss of income caused by the inability to occupy the building.
4.  If there is an insurance company policy limit for torch claims suffered by a roofing contractor, there will typically be severe budget increases for the roofing contractor’s insurance for the next five years.

By making safety and training a priority, you are providing security to your crews and your business on every job.  To take part in the October CERTA Training program, visit the program link for more information.  Registration is limited, so it is important that you book and reserve your spot in advance.  For additional information and questions, please contact Brauner Safety Services.

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