Data Plays an Important Role in Workplace Safety

Here at Brauner Safety Services, safety is our #1 priority, as it should be for every construction and roofing professional.  There is a myriad of ways to ensure that your workplace and job site are running at optimal safety levels; from conducting regular site inspections and updating safety policies to providing the latest and greatest in safety training through Brauner Safety Services, reducing risk and keeping crews safe is an ongoing process.

In addition to the more obvious training and safety guidelines, data also plays a large role in maintaining a safe workplace. Although it does not usually make the headlines, data is a powerful tool in creating and maintaining a safety culture and being proactive and prepared for safety issues.

A data-driven approach to safety enables roofing and construction professionals a chance to identify weaknesses and patterns in order to make changes that can significantly benefit overall operations and safety for all employees.  In order to understand how data can be tracked and utilized for safety purposes, here are few ways to think about data and apply it in a way that can effectively and positively impact your daily operations:

1 – Collect It – Data can only benefit you if you take the time to collect and centralize it.  By developing a central repository to store and properly organize information, you will be able to access it to review and identify trends and correlations in safety successes and/or mishaps.  Through routine reporting of incidents, internal audits, employee feedback and foreman notes, you can devise a uniform system where all information is stored, reviewed and eventually utilized to prevent similar injuries and accidents in the future.

2- Set Standards – Databases are only as good as the information entered into them.  For this reason, you should set clear standards for how, where and the format in which information is entered into the repository/database.  Consider using an industry-specific management system, or at the very least creating your own codes for incidents, types of reports, actions and assignees so that all information in the system is comparable and can be easily duplicated and used by new team members with limited training.

3 – Track Training – In addition to having your teams regularly trained in safety by roofing safety professionals such as those at Brauner Safety Services, safety information and manuals should be easily accessible for all team members.  Whether you choose to offer a “library” in your offices or an online cloud-based drive for safety information and training materials, all employees should be encouraged to review the materials, and all files should be kept up-to-date and revised when appropriate.

4 – Communicate – Employees are one of the greatest assets you have when it comes to safety.  They are your source for data and can inform you of the most prevalent risks on the job site. For this reason, it is important to keep communication open and integrate safety talks into your weekly meetings.  By finding opportunities to engage all team members, at all levels, you can work together to develop proactive solutions to issues as they arise, rather than wait until more serious issues develop later.

5- Run Campaigns – Safety issues are unique to each and every business.  What you learn from the data you collect is only useful if applied, and the information has a higher likelihood of being retained when training and educational campaigns are in line with the issues that employees are facing on a daily basis.  For this reason, consider conducting safety campaigns that are topic-specific throughout the year.  The topics of your campaigns should be based on the issues you identify from analyzing the data you collect.  By using real data that is specific to your crews and business, you can direct your energy, education and campaigns toward areas that will have the greatest impact on the safety of your team.

To learn more about roofing safety training and programs, visit Brauner Safety Services.  To schedule your next safety training, contact Jim Brauner: 407-403-3959.



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