Behind the Scenes of Brauner Safety Trainings

As most roofing professionals are already aware, safety should be a top priority on the jobsite.  Safety requirements and policies change and expand over time to adjust to new regulations and necessary guidelines, and in order for crews to remain compliant (and safe), safety training should be an integral part of your business operations.

Brauner Safety Services regularly adjusts and adds new trainings (Silica Training, Scissor Lift Training, Confined Spaces) to meet the needs of our clients and industry standards, and for clients who are new to onsite and custom safety training, we are often asked about how the training will take place and what crews will be doing during a session.  For this reason, we have decided to give a “behind the scenes” peek into a few recent trainings to show how easy and effective a safety training session can be for you and your crews.  Here’s a look at some solid examples of training in action and proper application of the lessons:

#1 – 48-hour Stand Down Southern Coast Safety Training – Sessions included OSHA 10, Lull and Forklift, Fall Protection.

#2 – Lull Training at Vero Beach Roofing

#3 – Atlas Apex CERTA Training – Crew members used the pull hook to properly torch field membranes and avoid stepping on hot membrane. Take note of the proper PPE being worn.


#4 – Z Roofing – Team members at Z Roofing demonstrated torch-and-flop over DensDeck and peel-n-stick. Also, it is worth taking note of team members using hot trowel for bleed out and the torch-and-flop target sheet around vent pipe.

peel n stick

#5 – Tear off Demo Roof – Warning lines were properly placed 10 feet back when using equipment.  While operating equipment, the safety monitor is no longer allowed to operate alone.  Crew members will tie off to mobile fall protection cart when stepping beyond/outside of the warning lines. Crews are also trained to properly adjust safety line to fall restraint so personnel won’t be at risk for falls.

To learn more about roofing safety training and programs, visit Brauner Safety Services.  To schedule your next safety training, contact Jim Brauner: 407-403-3959.

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