Onsite Training at WeatherGuard Coatings

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At Brauner Safety Services, we are often asked what onsite training looks like for a crew.  With our recent visit to WeatherGuard Coatings in Miami, Florida, we thought it would be the perfect time to take some photos and provide an insider’s view of the training.

During our Forklift Training and Fall Protection Training Programs, WeatherGuard crews experienced hands-on learning for jobsite safety.  Through personal attention and detailed instruction, crew members had a chance to walk through the steps of properly securing and using a harness and troubleshooting issues that are most common on a roofing jobsite.  With Forklift Training, forklift operators learned and demonstrated proper use of a forklift and addressed areas including but not limited to:

  • Moving with and without a load
  • Picking up and stacking a load
  • Special considerations and conditions (ex: trailers, ramps and elevators)
  • Non-operator safety training for those who work around forklifts

Proper training is not only important for the health and safety of your crews, but there can also be significant fines for untrained operators; OSHA can impose a $7,000 fine for each untrained operator (up to $70,000 fine for willful violations). If a company lacks proper OSHA forklift certification, employees and employers can be liable for fines; for workers, such fines can have a long-lasting and detrimental impact.

Along with making crews at WeatherGuard Coatings more knowledgeable and prepared for the job site, Brauner Safety’s training program provided a chance for building confidence and teamwork within the crew and for each individual team member. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the skilled crews at WeatherGuard Coatings and look forward to sharing more success stories and photos from other training sites in the future.

To learn more about roofing safety training and programs, visit Brauner Safety Services.  To schedule your next safety training, contact Jim Brauner: 407-403-3959.

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