Brauner Safety Services Launches Blog

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At Brauner Safety Services, we are proud to announce the launch of our new blog for  The purpose of launching a blog is to expand our services as a trusted resource for safety and training in the roofing industry.  From the latest OSHA rules to tips for preparing your crews and job sites, we will keep you informed on the current news and happenings related to the roofing industry.

With the high summer heat that we experienced (and still are experiencing) and the recently devastating hurricanes that impacted Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, the demand and need for safety guidelines, training and resources soared.  Brauner Safety Services has been a partner in preparing roofing and construction professionals for a variety of risks involved in the construction job site and the challenges brought on by our ever-changing environment.

In the coming months, Brauner Safety Services is looking forward to expanding and sharing our current services and resources with you, the construction professional, so that your business, crews and job sites will be properly prepared to run a safe and successful operation.

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